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Making Payments to Metro4Rent - Current Options

Option 1: Best option - Direct transfer from your bank through Zelle

Many major US banks have created a new payment system called Zelle. Here's why it's great:

  • It's only banks - there's no middleman (like eRentPayment or the ACH  automated clearinghouse).

  • If your bank is a primary participant there's no new account to set upYou can usually send payments through your regular bank account either online or using your bank's mobile app. 

    Primary banks:
    Bank of America           
    Capital One
    First Bank
    Key Bank
    TD Bank
    US Bank
    Wells Fargo
    & dozens more

    Full list is here:

  • Paying is easy  you just send money to

  • You can use it for exchanging funds with anyone else with a bank account including friends, family, etc.

  • It's free to use.

  • Details at

Option 2 - Electronic pay with Zelle at any bank using the Zelle App for Apple or Android

If your bank is a Zelle member - see Option 1 above - it's easier.

If your bank is not a primary Zelle bank, you can still use Zelle with any bank account through a mobile app.  (Note: Zelle's Apple app reviews are good but the Android app reviews are really bad.  Updates seem to be getting better but be forewarned.)

Details at

Option 3 - Bring your payment to a bank branch

You can bring your payment to either of these banks and complete a deposit with a bank teller.  If you choose this option - complete our online comment form to notify us of the amount that you deposited and which bank so we can credit your account.

Chase Bank

Account Name: Metro4RentProperties

Account Number: 221 726 026    IMPORTANT: You're giving us money and we don't know who you are.  Send an email to and say "I deposited $____ at Chase for Apt #_____"

Umpqua Bank
Account Name: Metro4RentProperties
Account Number: 974 669 400    IMPORTANT: You're giving us money and we don't know who you are.  Send an email to and say "I deposited $____ at Umpqua for Apt #_____"

Option 4 - Use your bank's "Billpay" service to send a payment (it will come to us by check so make sure to add several days for mail to arrive).

Have your bank mail it to:
       Metro4Rent Properties
       7298 SE Division St.
       Portland, OR  97206

Option 5 - Drop off a check, money order, cashiers check

Drop it in our mail slot or come in the office if we're in.  See our address in 4 (a) above.

Check scan (COMING SOON - we hope)

We will soon have the ability for you to do the following:

1) Write a check

2) Scan it or take a good quality photo of it

3) Email the image to us at an address that we will provide once this feature is turned on