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Our mission: Caring Management. Quality Apartments. Reasonably Priced.

This is so important to us that it's at the top of our home page. It's simple and to-the-point - which makes it easier for us to stay focused on it.

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& Support Team

Metro4Rent currently has a full-time staff of four; Tina, Tom, Chip & William. We each wear a lot of hats and are all involved in the upkeep of the properties. We also have additional contract help whom we've selected because they can help us complete our mission the way we want it done ... honestly, professionally, and with high standards.

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Experience Managing rental properties since 1991.

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Philosophy- Balancing Tenant and Property Owner (Landlord) Needs

We work for Tenants who deserve to be treated honestly, fairly, and with respect. They are purchasing a product (a quality apartment) and they deserve a level of service that includes prompt return of phone calls, prompt repairs, and reasonable rental rates among other things. When we enter a tenant's apartment for any reason, we're aware that it is their home and we treat it with the same courtesy and respect as when entering anyone's home.

We also work for Property Owners who take on a great deal of risk when purchasing property. Owners have large monthly mortgage payments and have to be prepared to pay substantial expenses (taxes, utilities, management fees, etc.) They also have to budget for major expenses like a new roof, unexpected disasters, etc. For all of this, they want to know that their investment is being well managed.

We work to assure a comfortable balance between these two sides. Many people see the Tenant/Landlord relationship as adversarial. We see it differently. When someone goes into a restaurant and has a good meal - they feel good about paying the tab. It won't be easy to have people feel good about paying rent - but we want to get as close to that as possible. And, we want the property owners to know that they are getting a fair return for their investment risk.

If both understood each other a little better, they'd be more sensitive to each other's concerns. For example Property Owners must realize that tenants deserve consistent maintenance of the properties. Tenants must understand that most restaurants would not let them come in, have a meal, and then leave saying "I'll pay you when I get my next paycheck." Just like the restaurant can't afford to run a business by waiting for people to pay sometime later, we can't either..


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We won't manage just any property. We're only interested in quality properties in good neighborhoods with convenient access to local amenities. They are typically close to downtown Portland. To visit our properties, go to our home page..

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Tenant Selection

A bad tenant can be misery for the property manager and for the neighbors. So we put a great deal of effort into finding great tenants with a great rental histories and references. Often, this means that our apartments stay empty a little longer while we wait for the right person. But we'd rather do that than suffer through the possible alternatives. Applicants for our apartments might not find us as "easy" as other places - but the end result is like flying with an airline. You might be bothered by all the security precautions - but when you're sitting on that plane, you're glad everyone else was checked thoroughly.

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Rents and Rent Increases

It's part of our mission statement - "Reasonably Priced". For new tenants, this often means an apartment that is priced slightly below what comparable apartments may be charging. Over time, a great tenant with a great payment history will find that their rent increases will usually be lower than the inflation rate and lower than other similar apartments. So an apartment that starts out as a good deal can become an even better deal over time. That's the reward for staying with us for a long time and for being a great tenant.

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Checking Our References

When you apply for an apartment, you have to provide references. This helps us assure that we'll have excellent tenants and neighbors.

But what about us? How can you check our references? It's easy! Most of our properties have tenant reviews on the website  And we're glad to say, people think pretty highly of properties that we manage.  Frankly - if it wasn't a property that people loved living in, we wouldn't want to manage it either.

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