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The Bridgecrest
7002-7140 N. Alta Ave. 
Portland, OR 97203

1-Bedroom Loft-Style Apt.

The Bridgecrest is located near the heart of St. Johns in Cathedral Park. We're within walking distance to local shops, a Safeway grocery store, movie theatres, University of Portland, US Post Office, Cathedral Park, and more.

We're also a convenient bus, drive or bike-ride to downtown, and all parts of Portland with excellent Tri-Met service nearby (# 4, 16, 44 & 75).

  • Spacious 1-bedroom upstairs/downstairs loft-style apartment.
  • Layout. The video tour gives you a good idea of the layout
          - Entry level: Livingroom, Kitchen & Bathroom.
          - Upstairs, True loft bedroom

  • Fully refundable security deposit $1100
  • Video Tour & Pictures- Check out the pics and the video link for a tour of an almost identical apartment.
  • Convenient Location: Close to shops, cafes, grocery store, etc.  Check out our excellent WalkScore.
  • Not boring. No white walls. Color palette selected to be attractive but complimentary to most furnishings. 
  • Laundry: Two onsite laundry rooms (SmartCard operated, no hassling with coins)
  • Parking: Optional unassigned off-street parking permit - $35/vehicle per month. Max - 2 permits. (Spaces not guaranteed).  Otherwise - street parking.
  • We Pay Basic wifi (wireless internet), water, sewer, garbage.
  • You Pay Electric
  • Non smokers only: No smoking anywhere on the property - not even outdoors.  You will be required to certify that you are a non-smoker during our application process.
  • Lease term one year then month-to-month
  • 2-year rent guarantee. No rent increases for at least 2 years guaranteed in writing.  Just try to find another place offering that!
  • E-Pay required: We require electronic payments for rent.  There is no cost to you.  Our service provider is eRentPayment.
  • Pets Will be considered.  See our pet policy.
  • Showings See our contact info below to set up an appointment.
  • Apply online at our website ($35 per adult applicant)
  • Startup Costs: Security deposit plus first month rent.  This assumes good financial background (credit score and/or income).  In some cases, last month rent may be required.



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